About Cartoview

Cartoview is a framework to deploy and manage enterprise web applications.

Cartoview has a strong focus for enterprise geospatial applications following ESRI and OGC standards.

Cartoview allows for very fast deployment of apps directly from the browser. 

With the windows installer you can setup and initiate your CartoView Site in minutes.

The apps and architecture of CartoView make it easy to efficiently develop and maintain enterprise applications.

Installation is very simple, just download your app(s), install and configure on your server and you are ready to go.

Cartoview customization is very simle, the loosely coupled nature of the applications makes these components easy to understand, extend and customize.

CartoView is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 which grants you the right to customize, extend, modify, repackage, resell, and many other potential uses of the system.